The Urpersönlichkeit


Everyone wishes for:

  • success
  • reputation
  • happiness / to be happy
  • security (material, social, self-confidence)
  • freedom


Recommended tools for achieving this are:

  • goal orientation
  • determination
  • to choose and to go the "right path"


But what is the "right path"? Because... if I choose a path, I also choose its purpose!




What makes me choose my paths?

  • social models & norms
  • fears
  • existential pressure
  • vanity
  • socio-cultural background


As long as I make a choice for these reasons, goal orientation turns into disorientation and happiness will remain nothing but an ambition!



Every person is a conglomerat of:

  • the socio-cultural background
  • conditioning
  • morphogenic fields
  • the own deceptions


Until he/ she finds its true existence! But how do I find my true existence?


Trough reflection of the Urpersönlichkeit!


The individual Urpersönlichkeit is the purest form of your being.The individual Urpersönlichkeit depends on socio-cultural background, conditioning, and morphogenic fields that have a subconscious steering effect on day-to-day actions and decisions.


You can only do justice to others when you do justice to yourself. That is because empathy can be learned and begins with yourself!



Consequences are:

  • steady acdeptance of the self-responsibillity
  • clarity
  • consciousness
  • truthfulness
  • sovereignty
  • authenticity



The results are:

  • clear communication structures
  • the cognition of potentials
  • success
  • satisfaction
  • happiness


You can keep practicing, affirming, re-programming, manipulating, praying, hoping, wishing, and begging. Being happy will remain an ambition you cannot fulfil until you listen to yourself and do justice to your Urpersönlichkeit.

Coaching & Training




The most successful leaders are neither those with the best training and experience, nor those who are nicest, but rather those who are most authentic.

You can only be and act authentically when you know your own true character.

Learned and practiced communication and leadership skills are not authentic. That is why I develop authentic leadership and communication skills that correspond to your individual Urpersönlichkeit together with leaders.




Business Owners


As a business owner or freelancer you are confronted with the pressure of financial survival every day. You have to survive on the free market with your skills and know-how, and stand out from the crowd to make a living every single month. But how can I deal with the pressure? How can I stand out from the crowd and market myself without being salesy? What is my unique value - and how can I increase it?How can I do justice to myself despite all the stress and not sell out my values just for money?

Those who do justice to their Urpersönlichkeit are different from the rest, because they act and live in an authentic and independent manner. Your own resource management becomes active and self-directed. You know your value and can communicate it confidently. Decisions are made with clarity and personal and professional paths are chosen consciously.






What does it mean to found your own company? Am I ready for this challenge? Can I bear the constant responsibility and manage the stress of being a business owner?What consequences will all this have for my private life? Will self-employment be a fit for me and does it fit well with my Urpersönlichkeit?

There is a long road between having an idea and founding a company. But most people are not clear about the consequences of their choice, or even the criteria for making it. This predisposes a hard road to failure in many cases. This is because the choice to become self-employed was often not made with complete and clear awareness. Those who make conscious decisions based on their Urpersönlichkeit, though, are able to fully create and realize things in an authentic and sustainable manner.




Business succession


Finding a successor for a company is very difficult in most cases. It is often difficult for the successor to establish themselves and carry out their own ideas when the predecessor, full of doubts and insecurity about the successor, vehemently maintains his or her position. How can I manage to apply myself authentically to the company, give the predecessor a feeling of security and trust, and simultaneously convince them of the value of new ideas? Only when both parties are in complete agreement and act in concert is it possible to have a smooth handover of the company.

People who know and live in peace with their Urpersönlichkeit radiate aplomb, security, and calm. This reassures those around them and gives them confidence, because they can feel how the other person has absolute confidence in themselves. In times of change, people always yearn for a feeling of security before they can rid themselves of all reservations and doubts about the changes. People trust those who have complete and absolute trust in themselves.




Parents & children


Well meant is often missed by a mile.

Parents naturally just want the best for their children.But their own examples, dreams, and hopes often lead them astray. They usually do not mesh with the individual purest form of the child’s character, which leads to conflicts of interest in the family. The child is often pushed in unsuitable directions.

Empathy begins with yourself, and thus a basic precondition for understanding your child is understanding yourself. You can only guide a child to adulthood in a conscientious manner when you live in awareness of your own being.






Follow my heart – or which way should I go?

These days there is a nearly limitless amount of opportunities and possibilities. New paths are opening up that were inconceivable just 10 years ago. Young people are faced with the challenge of being a citizen of the world.But which way should I go?Which path is the right one for me? What do I really want from life?

Often we are encouraged to take the path that others, such as family for friends, want us to take. But what consequences does that have for your own life? Every path follows its purpose. So choose wisely and deliberately! You can only do justice to yourself when you make choices that match your Urpersönlichkeit.






Burnout as an opportunity – “The journey to your Urpersönlichkeit”

What is a burnout? How does it happen? Why are more and more people given this diagnosis?

Today’s striving for individual development, evolution, and awareness means that the chasm between social demands and individual desires keeps growing wider and wider. We are torn in the balancing act between our social and personal selves. We are forced to earn a living, which means that most people make do in their lives with things (e.g. work, relationships, etc.) that do not really suit them or perhaps even clash with their Urpersönlichkeit.

Those who resolutely act in contravention of their Urpersönlichkeit usually end up with a burnout. Only those who know their Urpersönlichkeit can do it justice and take responsibility for their lives, and a burnout should be seen as a chance to do so.

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